ApicoLipid team, led by Dr Cyrille Botté, focuses on understanding Apicomplexan parasites (intracellular human pathogens responsible for major human diseases including malaria and toxoplasmosis) metabolic pathways allowing membrane biogenesis, lipid synthesis/trafficking/signalling, host-parasite metabolic interactions, and sensing/adaptation of pathogens to host nutritional environment. Our team developed a strong expertise in parasite lipid analysis, lipidomic and fluxomic analysis, and set up major facilities and equipment in their premises, such as a P3* cell culture facility, and a fully independent lipidomic-fluxomic platform (both part of a larger core facilities GEMELI). They have thus extended a larger metabolomic-lipidomic platform dedicated to health, which activity spans to infections, cancer, metabolic signature, cohorts… The team is part of the national labex Parafrap, and recently a Fondation pour la Recherche Médicale Team 2021.