The French Society for Cell Biology wishes to accompany students and teachers in providing a series of teaching aids, multimedia resources, examples of directed exercises and practical work, suggestions for projects, and ways to assess knowledge.

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Multimedia Resources
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Video Lectures

  • Basics Video Lectures by Daniel Riveline, Jacques Prost, Claudia Veigel, Michel Orrit, Thomas Lecuit, Julia Yeomans, Karsten Kruse, Albrecht Ott, Attila Becskei, among about twenty lecturers are available on the Master II Cell Physics website. Topics include single molecules, systems biology, optics and biology, physics of morphogenesis, or origin of life.
  • A selection of video-lecture series given by experts in the field of different disciplines, amongst which, cell biology and medicine: iBioSeminars.

Our goal

The SBCF wishes to accompany the students following biology courses by offering them access to evolutionary teaching resources in cell biology, from their first year at university. The SBCF also wants to support the activity of teachers in biology.

It is in this perspective, SBCF web site offers access to a wide range of educational documents, multimedia resources, examples of practical and directed work, suggestions for learning projects and methods of assessing knowledge. The SBCF adopted, with their agreement, the multimedia resources in cellular biology realized by Gérard Tramu, IJsbrand Kramer and their colleagues at the University of Bordeaux. Their pedagogical and scientific rigor, their approach in differential levels (basic text, in-depth text and links to many websites), as well as their well-developed conceptual images, constitute an educational heritage of excellence.

Do not hesitate to contact us to update and implement the documents presented!