One of the aims of the French Society for Cell Biology is to promote the public awareness of science in general and cell biology in particular, via so called outreach activities. Here we propose resources (toolbox) for our members who are willing to participate in activities such as Science Fairs/ “Fête de la Science”.

poster on the ” cell ” to download here

bookmarks for general public. Every person who would like to print them and use them for outreach activities can find them here (recto and verso

origami mini-microscopefoldscope” to be mounted and adapted on a mobile phone to make observations anywhere!

– coordinates for 3D printing of a cell, to be printed in different sizes, to be coloured or mounted on a keychain

– and any other proposal to be completed on your suggestions ?

  • The SBCF supports you financially in these outreach actions, check the page « meeting support », the applications are examined on an ongoing basis.


  • The SBCF members participate to the outreach activities of DECLICS (Dialogues between Researchers and High School Students to interest them in the Construction of Knowledge) is an initiative led by the FSER circle allowing meetings between high school students and reserach staff (all disciplines and professions combined) under the dynamic format of speed-meetings. In class, 7 scientists led by a capitaine represent the various positions in a team and discuss for 12 min with a group of 5 students. Many SBCF members, including Arnaud Echard (former SBCF president, Institut Pasteur) and Bénédicte Delaval (vice-trésorière), have already participated in the initiative and warmly recommend it! For the other SBCF researchers who would like to participate, please contact: You can find more about DECLICS here.