One of the aims of the French Society for Cell Biology is to promote the public awareness of science in general and cell biology in particular, via so called outreach activities. Here we propose resources for our members who are willing to participate in activities such as Science Fairs/ “Fête de la Science”. We also report the recent events in which the SBCF members were associated.

The last “Fête de la Science” week has taken place from October 7 to October 15, 2017. Many laboratories including Institut Cochin, Académie de Lille, etc. have participated.

The SBCF has prepared new bookmarks for general public. Every person who would like to print them and use them for outreach activities can find them here (recto and verso).

During the autumn meeting of the Exocytose-Endocytosis Club held at Institut Cochin on November 22nd, 2017, a round table focused scientific outreach. It was led by Dr. Laurence Benit, Scientific Mediator. It was an excellent opportunity to share various possibilities for outreach activities. see report