The Institute for Advanced Biosciences, a joint research center of INSERM, CNRS and UniversityGrenoble Alpes, is seeking outstanding individuals who wish to pursue their careers as Group Leader within the Institute. International applicants are invited in all areas matching the thematic focus of the Institute: Epigenetics, Chronic Diseases and Cancer (for a description of IAB thematic priorities, see at

IAB currently hosts 19 teams, organized in 3 departments: Signaling through Chromatin (leader: S. KHOCHBIN), Microenvironment & Cell Plasticity (leader: C. ALBIGES-RIZO) and Prevention & Therapy of Chronic Diseases (Leader: R. SLAMA). The main scientific areas of IAB research includes chromatin biology, epigenetics, infertility, human genetics, cell biology, micro-environment and mechanotransduction,, molecular pathology, nanomedicine, infections and immunity, parasitology and environmental epidemiology.

Successful applicants must have a MD and/or PhD, significant Post-Doctoral experience and a substantial scientific track record, demonstrating originality and capacity to attract competitive funding. Applicants should provide a cover motivation letter; short CV, Resarchgate/Orcid ID or short publication list; brief summary of scientific achievements (1 page) and a short letter of intent outlining future research projects (1-2 pages).

For applications and inquiries, please contact Mrs Amelie FAUCONNET at and (for inquiries only) IAB director and team leaders (see:

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