The team entitled “Biomechanics of Host Parasite Interactions” has been created under the lead of I. Tardieux at the Institute for Advanced Biosciences/IAB (INSERM U1209, CNRS UMR 5309, Univ. Grenoble Alpes/UGA). Moving from the Institute Cochin (Paris), IT team continues to develop quantitative high-speed live and high-resolution static imaging to identify and characterize key early processes governing Toxoplasma parasite-host cell interactions while mostly focusing on Toxoplasma motile and invasive skills. The team has been renewed for the 2021_2026 contract by the HCERES-INSERM- CNRS and UGA, and re-entitled “Biomechanics of Host Parasite Interactions. The research IT develops is optimally integrated in a collaborative local network made of (i) physicists from the LIPhy (Laboratory of Interdisciplinary Physics), nanochemists (Department of Molecular Chemistry) (ii) parasitologists and cell mechanobiologists from IAB.

Team info

Team name: Biomechanics of Host-Parasite Interactions
Affiliated team: Yes
Website: https://www.tardieux-lab.com/
Address: Building Jean Roget, 5th floor, La Tronche, 38000, Grenoble, France
Team head(s): Isabelle Tardieux

Scientific info

Research domains adhésion/interactions cellulaires
trafic intracellulaire
transduction du signal
Organelle/Compartment cytosquelette: microtubules
cytosquelette: actine
cytosquelette: filaments intermédiaires
enveloppe nucléaire
matrice extracellulaire
membrane plasmique
Techniques biophysique
culture 3d
culture d’explants
imagerie confocale
imagerie haute resolution (sted, 4pi)
imagerie spinning disk
microscopie electronique
nanoparticules, quantum dots
Cell Models cellules primaires
cellules souches embryonnaires
lignees cellulaires
souris, rat