Each year, the SBCF awards travel/registration grants to PhD students and post docs who present their research work in cell biology (as a poster or a talk) during an international meeting.

Applications are considered twice a year, with the following application deadlines: April 15 and September 15.


To apply you should :
- be at least in your second year of PhD or be a postdoc and not have had an SBCF fellowship in the last three years,
- present your work at the meeting as a poster or a talk,
- be a member of the SBCF (your PI and your research team must also be affilated to the SBCF),
- put the SBCF logo on you poster or in your presentation slides,
- after the meeting, send to the SBCF a pdf file with your poster/slide (SBCF logo) and a half page text explaining the benefits of attending this meeting.


List of documents to submit

Your application must include in a single pdf file :

1) Your CV (1 page)

2) A letter to explain why you apply and why you chose this meeting

3) A copy of the abstract you submitted to the meeting.


Incomplete applications will not be considered.


For more information and questions, please contact us at:
sbcf [at]

NB: All documents should be sent as one file.

SBCF travel grants/Meeting registration – Sept 15th, 2024

Application form

[Application] Fellowship (Bourses)

Personal information


Team information


Conference details

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Have you already been granted a

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e.g. dd/mm/YYYY

Maximum file size: 10MB