The SBCF - The French Society for Cell Biology offers travel fellowships (1200 € each) to young scientists (graduate student or postdoc) to attend the ASCB-EMBO annual meeting in San Diego, MA (December 14th to 18th 2024).


The deadline to apply is July 14th 2024

The conditions to apply are :
- be at least in your second year of PhD or be a postdoc and not have had an SBCF fellowship in the last three years
- present your work at the meeting as a poster or a talk
- be a member of the SBCF. Your PI and your research team must also be affilated to the SBCF,
- put the SBCF logo on you poster or on your presentation,
- after the meeting, send to the SBCF a pdf file with your poster and a half page text explaining the benefits of attending this meeting.

List of documents to submit

Send your application to sbcf at as a single pdf file containing:

1) CV of the candidate (1 page)

2) A letter explaining your reasons to attend the meeting and to apply for the travel grant

3) A copy of the abstract submitted

For more information please contact the SBCF (sbcf at
Note: Uncomplete files will not be evaluated.

NB: All documents should be sent as one file.

Travel / Registration grant SBCF – CELL BIO ASCB EMBO 2024