During my PhD in C. Gauthier-Rouvière lab (2003-2007), I combined biochemical and cell biology approaches to study the dynamics of cadherin-mediated cell-cell adhesion. I then moved to the USA in G. Bokoch lab (2008-2012) for a postdoc where, using cutting edge microscopy techniques, I studied how reactive oxygen species modulate actin dynamics to promote cell migration and how they contribute to cancer cell invasiveness. Finally, I joined the lab of B. Delaval (2012-2017) where I used different systems (2D and 3D cell culture) to study the role of ciliary transport proteins during cell division and their contribution to kidney diseases.

Team info

Team name: Cil, Centrosome et Pathologies
Affiliated team: Yes
Website: http://www.crbm.cnrs.fr/team/centrosome-cil-pathologies/
Address: 1919 route de Mende, 34090, Montpellier, FRANCE
Team head(s): Benedicte Delaval
Team members: Benedicte Delaval
Simon Descamps
Nicolas Taulet
Benjamin Vitre
Thibault Brugiere
Audrey Douanier

Scientific info

Research domains adhésion/interactions cellulaires
cycle cellulaire
trafic intracellulaire
Organelle/Compartment centrosome
cils et flagelles
cytosquelette: microtubules
cytosquelette: actine
membrane plasmique
Techniques biosenseurs
culture 3d
imagerie confocale
imagerie frap, flim, fret, etc
imagerie spinning disk
imagerie tirf
Cell Models lignees cellulaires
zebra fish