Biologist at the frontier between biochemistry, cell biology and developmental biology. In two words: Nature secretary ("secrétaire de la Nature" cf. Claude Bernard, 1865). Interested in microtubule dynamics, spindle assembly animal development. Aiming to understand how animals, cells and intracellular structures reach their proper size and how they do so in time.

Team info

Team name: mitose et point de contrôle
Affiliated team: Yes
Website: https://www.crbm.cnrs.fr/spip.php?rubrique103
Address: , 34293, Montpellier,

Scientific info

Research domains cycle cellulaire
Organelle/Compartment cytosquelette: microtubules
Techniques bioinformatique
imagerie confocale
imagerie multiphotons
imagerie spinning disk
imagerie tirf
systemes in vitro
Cell Models c. elegans
Phallusia mammillata
Hacelia attenuata