The Institut Cochin (  is a leading French biological Research Center, affiliated to INSERM, CNRS and Paris Descartes University, with 40 independent research groups focusing their activity on three priority axes corresponding to the following scientific departments:

– Infection, Immunity and Inflammation  (3I) department, working on the biology of cell populations of the innate and adaptive immune systems and host-pathogen interactions (viruses, bacteria, parasites);

– Endocrinology, Metabolism and Diabetes  (EMD) department, deciphering the molecular mechanisms involved in metabolic homeostasis and disorders such as diabetes, steatosis, iron metabolism and endocrine pathologies;

– Development, Reproduction and Cancer  (DRC) department, interested in normal and pathological development from the very early stages to organogenesis, epigenetics and mechanisms leading to solid and hematopoietic cancer.

The Institut Cochin opens 2 positions for outstanding scientists wishing to establish their own independent team, addressing biological questions in line with its priority axes.

Are particularly encouraged applications from candidates with expertise in:

a) basic immunology and/or host-pathogen interactions;

b) metabolism from molecular to cellular and integrated systems, including metabolomics and immunometabolism.

Animal models other than rodents are welcome.

The newly recruited groups will benefit from extensive support by, and strong interactions with the state-of-the-art core facilities of Institut Cochin and Paris Descartes University: Photonic, Electronic and small animal Imaging, Genomics including deep sequencing, Proteomics, Metabolomics, Cell Cytometry and Immunohistology for tissue analysis, Animal facilities. These facilities provide all the necessary skills and highly specialized equipment for cutting edge research.

In addition, strong partnership has been established between teams of the Institut Cochin and clinical departments of the Hôpital Cochin, which constitutes a major asset for collaborative translational research.

Appropriate laboratory space, depending on group size and seniority, will be available to the selected group leader(s) and an initial support package will be provided. The candidates must meet criteria to compete for national and international research funding; those who do not have a permanent position in France will have to apply to the ERC and/or ATIP/Avenir programs, and/or to French institutional research / teaching positions (CNRS, INSERM, Paris Descartes University).

Applications should include:

– a CV (1-2 pages),

– a list of publications, patent applications, invited conferences, clinical and/or

teaching experience, awards and grants

– a description (3-4 pages) of the research project

and be sent to .

Two letters of reference will be sent separately to the same address.

Deadline for applications: April 15, 2018.

Interviews of shortlisted candidates will be held in Paris early June 2018

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