The laboratory Ecology and Biology of Interactions is looking for a post-doc in cell and molecular biology.

We seek for a highly motivated candidate to work on an ambitious, cross-disciplinary research project involving cell biology and microbiology. The post-doctoral fellow will be in charge of studying the encystment of the free-living amoebae Acanthamoeba castellanii. The candidate should possess a solid knowledge in gene and protein expression/regulation and protein-protein interactions.

The position is starting in September and our city, Poitiers, is inexpensive and just 1h45 away by train from Paris, Bordeaux or La Rochelle.

Depending on the experience, the salary should be above 2000 euros/months.


The suitable candidate is a young scientist with 0- to 2-year postdoctoral experience with an excellent experience in cell and molecular biology. The candidate should be fluent in English.