Two-year Post-doctoral position in UPR, senescence and fibrosis

The team « Initiation of Epithelial Cancer » (CNRS UMR8161) is located at the Institut de Biologie de Lille/Institut Pasteur de Lille ( and offers a highly competitive scientific infrastructure.

We are looking for a dynamic and motivated candidate to work on the FISSURE project which will be conducted in collaboration with Nicolas Pottier’s group (Univ Lille). The objectives of the project are to comprehensively characterize the functional role played by the UPR pathway in fibrosis, senescence, senescence-associated secretory pathway (SASP), and to determine whether targeting specific branches of the UPR pathway influences aged cell outcome. The project will use several approaches, including cell imaging, culture of primary cells, and in vivo experiments in mice.

The candidates of any nationality must hold a PhD, should have a strong background in molecular and cellular biology in the related fields. Practical experience of in vivo biological experimentation would be an asset. Candidates should send a curriculum vitae, a brief summary of research interest, and reference letters to:

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