We are looking for a dynamic and motivated candidate with strong background in cell biology and/or cancer to work on the impact of microtubule-regulating proteins and kinesins in breast cancer resistance to taxane-based chemotherapy. This translational research project is in continuation of our recent studies (Rodrigues-Ferreira et al., PNAS 116 (47): 23691-23697, 2019).

The candidate will benefit from the expertise of the team in the biology of microtubules as well as from close interactions with oncologists and cell biologists in a highly competitive medical and scientific environment including state-of-the-art technological platforms and facilities of the Gustave Roussy Institute.

The candidate will apply for a three-years post-doctoral fellowship at French ARC foundation : https://www.fondation-arc.org/projets/post-doctorants-en-france

Candidates applying for a first post-doc must have defended their PhD after march 2020.

Please send before September 1st, 2020: a curriculum vitae and reference letters or email addresses to clara.nahmias@inserm.fr