The reproductive parasites Wolbachia are the most common endosymbionts of arthropods, now used to interfere with the transmission of arboviruses by insect vectors. We are interested in the mechanisms underlying their intracellular lifestyle, from the acquisition of host-derived vacuolar membranes to amino acid salvage. Preliminary evidences indicate a modulation of cell ubiquitination upon Wolbachia infection as part of potential subversion mechanisms. Using Wolbachia-infected Drosophila cell cultures we intend to identify the ubiquitylated proteins and establish the functional relevance of these modifications.

Routine techniques in biochemistry and cell biology approaches will be employed, but a specific experience with cell cultures and gene editing is of particular interest.

We seek a talented and motivated postdoc to join our young and enthusiastic team in the very dynamic scientific and international environment of Montpellier. A background in either of these fields: Intracellular pathogens, non-degradative ubiquitination, vesicular trafficking and ER/Golgi would be greatly appreciated.

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