The centromere is a complex structure made of repetitive DNA and proteins necessary for cell division. The preservation of centromere position and function is a crucial challenge for cells in order to maintain a correct chromosome karyotype following cell division. Despite recent progress in understanding the assembly and the regulation of centromeres at the protein level, the underlying centromeric DNA sequences remain largely unexplored.

The Fachinetti laboratory is recruiting an engineer/post-doctoral researcher to discover the role of repetitive DNA and its DNA sequence specific binding protein in centromere architecture, maintenance and function thus providing novel information on how centromeres are formed de novo in humans.

Highly motivated individuals interested in the fundamental mechanisms of chromosome dynamics are encouraged to apply. The successful applicant must have strong expertise in biochemistry (e.g. protein expression in bacteria, insect and mammalian cells systems, purification, chromatography, characterization, interaction assays, etc). Fluency in English (written and oral) is required. For the post-doctoral position, the successful applicant must have, or be in the process of completing, a doctorate in a relevant research area and a primary research paper in a peer-reviewed journal. The Institut Curie represents an excellent location to perform multidisciplinary research supported by a strong network of technological platforms.

Applicants should send their CV, details of two/three referees and a cover letter to

Funding for the engineer/post-doctoral researcher is supported by an ANR grant for two years. Application deadline is March 2019. Latest starting date June 2019.

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