We seek a talented and highly motivated candidate having completed a Master in Biology or related disciplines and holding a strong interest in Cell Biology and Genetics. Candidates with experience on yeast molecular genetics and/or advanced live cell imaging techniques will be favoured.

The PhD project aims at understanding some of the basic mechanisms at the heart of cytokinesis, the process leading to the physical separation between daughter cells. Cytokinesis is a fundamental process that is also key to cell fate decisions. Indeed, cytokinesis errors profoundly affect the distribution of chromosomes, organelles and polarity factors to daughter cells. In budding yeast cytokinesis strictly relies on the formation of a septin ring at the division site that acts as a scaffold for the assembly of the cytokinetic machinery. We have recently found that at the end of mitosis the septin ring must be displaced from the division site to allow constriction of the contractile actomyosin ring at cytokinesis. Furthermore, this process is triggered by the conserved Cdc14 cell cycle phosphatase. Aim of this project is to identify the critical targets of Cdc14 in this process and how these proteins contribute to the overall organisation of the septin ring. The project will involve genetic screens, advanced super-resolution microscopy and live cell imaging, as well as reconstitution assays to assemble septin filaments in vitro on biomimetic membranes in tight collaboration with the group of Laura Picas at the neighbouring IRIM institute (http://www.cpbs.cnrs.fr/index.php/en/researchh/teams/biologie-quantitative-du-trafic-membranaire-et-pathogenese-2).

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