The IGDR PhD program aims at attracting talented PhD students to the IGDR to start innovative research projects. In 2024, about 4 to 8 doctoral positions will be available.

PhD students will conduct their research within one of the 15 teams of the IGDR. Cutting-edge training will be offered on topics encompassing the two main research axes of the IGDR: “Genetics, Genomics and Cancer” and “Cell Biology, Development and Biophysics”. These topics cover a broad range of disciplines, including Molecular Biology, Cellular Biology, Developmental Biology, Genetics, Genomics, Bioinformatics, Microbiology, Structural Biology, Advanced Microscopic Imaging, Epigenetics, Biological Chemistry, Cancer Biology, Biophysics.

You will find all the relevant information, eligibility criteria, the list of projects available and the application portal here:

At IGDR, we explore the living to create, improve and transmit fundamental knowledge and innovative tools at the heart of tomorrow’s health applications. Cancers, genetic and developmental diseases, antibiotic resistance, the challenges are numerous. Our teams carry out work at the forefront of fundamental and clinical research, in cell biology and molecular genetics, to observe and understand the functioning of living organisms, from the molecule to the organism. The IGDR is distinguished by the use of diversified and complementary study models and the multidisciplinarity of its experts in biology, biophysics, bioinformatics and biomedical, by combining research and training. We thus benefit from a real ability to stimulate exchanges between disciplines to develop new approaches. Our attractiveness is reinforced by our network of international partners and our location in a territory with a strong scientific and technological dynamic and where life is good.

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