The Bardin laboratory at the Institut Curie in Paris focuses on understanding basic mechanisms of stem cell biology and homeostasis of adult tissues using the intestine of Drosophila. We use a combination of genetic, genomics, cell biological and molecular approaches (see recent publications: Siudeja, EMBO J, 2021, Riddiford, bioRxiv 2020.07.20.188979; Gervais, Developmental Cell, 2019; Andriatsilavo, Plos Genetics, 2018; Sallé, EMBO J, 2017;Siudeja, Cell Stem Cell, 2015). Our team is situated within a highly dynamic and international department with state of the art imaging facilities at the Institut Curie in the heart of downtown Paris. We are seeking enthusiastic and highly motivated post-doctoral candidates with good Ph.D. track records with expertise in live imaging and cell biology, although outstanding candidates with experience in confocal imaging and genetics are welcome to apply. The project is a collaborative study with the team of Yohanns Bellaiche and will use live imaging approaches to explore the effect of forces on adult intestinal stem cells. To apply, please send your CV and names of two references to: