May 29, 2018 from 1 pm until 5:30 pm at the Institut Cochin – 22, Rue Méchain – 75014 Paris.
Rosalind Franklin Seminar room, second floor


13h-13h30       Welcome coffee

13h30 – 14h30 SBCF General Meeting

14h30-14h45   Presentation by Francesco Baschieri (IGR, Villejuif): Travel grant 2017

14h45-15h00   Presentation by Mathieu Cinato (I2MC, Toulouse): Travel grant 2017

15h00-15h15   Presentation by Anne Nehlig (IGR, Villejuif): Travel grant 2017

15h15-15h30   Presentation by Anca Radu (IAB, Grenoble): Travel grant 2017

15h30-15h45   Coffee break

15h45-16h30   Presentation by Romain Levayer (Pasteur, Paris): 2018 Young Researcher Prize

16h30-16h45   Presentation by Ralitza Staneva (Curie, Paris): Travel grant 2017

16h45-17h       Presentation by Virgnie Stevenin (Pasteur, Paris): Travel grant 2017

17h-17h15       Presentation by Diana Vargas-Hurtado (Curie, Paris): Travel grant 2017

17h15-17h30    Presentation by Frederik Werweij (Curie, Paris) : Travel grant 2017

Free attendance.

People who are not members of the Cochin Institue should send:

Last Name, First Name, Professional Addresse by email to


Proxy for the SBCF General Meeting: if you cannot attent the general meeting, you can appoint another SBCF member as proxy by sending this form to

Abstracts of the presentations:

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