The CellTiss Days 2019 conference will focus on physical and quantitative studies of biological processes, from the molecular to the cellular and tissular scales. It will take place on november 5-7 2019 in the beautiful Presqu’Île de Giens, in the South of France, at the “Belambra Club Les Criques” resort.

This conference echoes the GDR “Celltiss” network which, over the past 12 years, has brought together a broad community of scientists addressing fundamental biology issues from an interdisciplinary perspective. We intend to use the CellTiss Days as a springboard to launch a new GDR entitled “Quantitative Approaches to Life”, which will explore new horizons at the interface between physics and biology.

The present conference will encompass five broad topics:

– Collective phenomena in biology
– Mechanics of cells and tissues I&II
– Molecular self-assembly in cell biology
– Signaling and opto-genetics
– Cytoskeleton
– Optical instrumentation in cell and developmental biology

We hope to attract a large number of young researchers who will be encouraged to take advantage of the poster sessions and many slots set aside for contributed talks.