Registration extended until May 22nd.

We decided to extend the registration deadline for the 2nd meeting of the French Optogenetics Club (FOC2) that will be held in Institut Curie, Paris, on June 26-27. The deadline for registration is now May 22nd. Registration fees will not cover hotel nights but gathering and the 26th evening dinner.

Please follow the link here for information :

The meeting aims at bringing together all cell biologists, developmental biologists and biophysicists who use or plan to use OPTOGENETICSfor their research. We will focus on molecular optogenetic tools (non ion-flux based optogenetics), as presented in

The goal is to fuel exchanges on technical aspects as well as recent methodical advances and applications of this technique.

What works, what doesn’t? Why? How did you fix it? How can we help each other? Come and share your experience through talks and round-tables with the rest of the French optogenetics community.


Keynote speaker:

Stefano de Renzis (EMBL, Heidelberg)

Invited speakers:

Maria Carla Parrini (Institut Curie, Paris)

Eric Theveneau (CBI, Toulouse)

Olivier Pertz (ICB, Bern)


Please find the flyer for the event attached, and don’t hesitate to circulate this announcement.


All the best

Martial Balland, Isabelle Bonnet, Mathieu Coppey, Olivier Destaing and Simon de Beco