The aim of this France BioImaging-Advanced Training is to train microscopy users on the most advanced imaging techniques that will allow them to perform molecular studies at the cellular level as well as in thick samples. In particular, recent developments on fluorescent probes will be highlighted. The workshop will benefit from state-of-the-art equipment available on several of the Parisian Node Imaging facilities.

The workshop contains plenary lectures and specific training sessions. Plenary lectures will be on hybrid mode and  open.

NEW: Plenary lectures in hybrid mode are open, registration is free but mandatory : register here

Programme and registration for the practicals can be found here.

Invited Speakers

Emmanuel Beaurepaire, Giulia Bertolin, Joerg Bewersdorf, Peter Dedecker, Claire Deo, Marie Erard, Ricardo Henriques, Christophe Leterrier, Sandrine Lévêque-Fort, Gustavo Quintas, Gaelle Recher, Jean-Baptiste Sibarita, Lothar Schermelleh


Practicals on

Combining micro UV-irradiation and Single Particle Tracking in living cells

SMLM multi-color: from sample preparation to quantification

FRET-based molecular tension sensors and FLIM

Imaging of cellular ultrastructures with expansion microscopy

SIM, STED or STORM ? : from sample prep to 3D imaging

3D STED : Comparing flat cells vs thick samples

Culturing and imaging multicolour 3D live brain organoïds

Combining fast live 3D imaging with Z resolution preservation

Light sources for optogenetics

Non-classical genetically modified fluorescent probes for biological imaging

Imaging biological structures in 3D using double helix-STORM and 3D-SIM