About Europhophatases 2017

Phosphatases are critical components of cell signaling pathways controlling physiological events such as cell division or cell fate decision and the missregulation of its activity has been linked to several human diseases. Europhosphatase 2017 will put special emphasis on phosphatases in cell fate decision. Major issues like neuronal and hematopoietic specification of stem cells by phosphatases will be tackled along with a state-of-the-art overview of recent discoveries on the role phosphatases in new signaling pathways and its regulation.

Keynote Speaker:

Travis Stams, Executive Director, Integrated Target and Lead Discovery, Novartis Institutes from biomedical Research, US.


  • Phosphatases and cancer
  • Phosphatases and cell cycle
  • Phosphatases and cancer stem cells
  • Phosphatase structure and function
  • Phosphatases and nervous system
  • Phosphatases in immune response
  • Phosphatases, development and cell fate decision
  • Phosphatases and cell transport and signaling

A number of abstracts submitted to the meeting will be selected for oral presentation.

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