EMBO Workshop: Lysosomes and metabolism (http://meetings.embo.org/event/18-lysosomes)

For many years, the lysosome or vacuole represented the cell’s waste-yard, where cargo delivered through autophagy pathways and from the late endosome is digested or recycled. However, compelling recent evidence suggests that the lysosome harbors a complex nutrient sensing machinery that regulates important cellular processes including autophagy, lysosomal biogenesis, lipid catabolism and aging. The lysosome also provides an important source of energy metabolites and ions. As such, the lysosome emerged as a central metabolic signaling hub maintaining cellular and organismal energy homeostasis. In addition, the lysosome exerts important functions in cellular secretion and plasma membrane repair.

This EMBO Workshop on Lysosomes & Metabolism gathers key investigators covering these recent aspects of lysosomal biology linking it to cellular and organismal metabolism as well as human metabolic diseases. The aim is to foster scientific exchange on lysosomes and metabolism and to enable fruitful discussions among young and established scientists while being exposed to the beautiful Naples area.