Dear Colleagues,

We would like to bring to your attention the first EMBO Workshop on caveolae entitled “CAVEOLAE AND NANODOMAINS: TRANSLATING STRUCTURAL PRINCIPLES AND DYNAMICS INTO FUNCTION” that we organize in May in Brittany. We would be grateful if you could share the link with your colleagues and display the poster in a visible place within your institute.

This meeting features lectures from internationally renowned leading scientists on topics from “Caveolae structure and dynamics”; “Caveolae and lipids”; “Caveolae in stem cells and development” to “Caveolae signaling and mechanics”. Sessions will combine fundamental research on caveolae with clinical/pathophysiological aspects and will address new developments in the field of nanodomains research.

Many slots have been reserved so as to select maximum talks from submitted abstracts. We have arranged low registration fees to encourage students and post docs to apply. A number of travel grants and oral presentation/poster prizes will be awarded.

Further information about the meeting can be found at

Thank you for diffusing this event among your colleagues!

With best regards,

Christophe Lamaze, on behalf of the organizing committee