The second Building the Cell meeting that took place at Institut Pasteur, Paris, September 28-30 2016, was a success with more than 250 participants.

From synthetic biology to multi-cellular development, this meeting brought together the best experts in these multi-disciplinary approaches, to share their latest data and models.

Scientific sessions

Cytoskeleton and Cell Shape                         Physics & Modelling of the Cell

Dynamics of Intracellular compartments        Cells and Pathology

From Cells to Tissue

Invited speakers

Bruno Antonny                                             Aurélien Roux

Andrea Ballabio                                            François Schweisguth

Eric Betzig                                                   Petra Schwille

James Ferrell                                               Thomas Surrey

Daren Gilmour                                             Ron Vale

Fernando Martin-Belmonte                            Marie-Hélène Verlhac

Carole Parent                                               Gia Voeltz

Matthieu Piel                                                Claire Waterman

Scottie Robinson                                          Chiara Zurzolo