The 3rd International Symposium on Mechanobiology is organized by the Mechanobiology  Institute, National University of Singapore and the International Society of Mechanobiology. This Symposium is the third in a series of scientific meetings supported and endorsed by the International Society of Mechanobiology, the first two being held in Shanghai and Okayama respectively. This symposium aims to cover the fundamentals, recent advances and emerging issues related to mechanobiology. It will provide a unique opportunity to advance knowledge and understanding in the areas of basic and applied research in mechanobiology.

This field involves interdisciplinary approaches combining biology with mechanics/physics as well as experimental techniques and computational modelling.

In addition, mechanobiology has also increasingly been involved in the study of a plethora of biological and pathological processes, including development, aging, infection as well as diseases such as cancer. A wide spectrum of these aspects across multiscales from the molecular, cellular, tissue to the organ level will be covered in this Symposium.

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