Understanding how tissues grow, acquire their form and function, and are assembled to constitute a living organism is one of the great frontiers in science.
We are please to announce that The French Society for Developmental Biology (SFBD) is organizing a new international conference “Shaping Life” which will take place in Marseille, from May 24th to 27th 2016. Shaping Life-2016 meeting will focus on Cell and Tissue Growth, Gene Regulation and Epigenetics, Metabolism and Endocrinology, Evolution and, Morphogenesis.

By integrating genetics, molecular biology, physiology and anatomy, as well as physics, mathematics and computational science, Developmental Biology is at the forefront to understand this process and the pathologies associated to its deregulation. From gene regulation to evolution, this meeting, co-organized by IBDM and SFBD, will bring together the best experts, as well as early career scientists, to share their latest data and expose how modern approaches of developmental biology crack the mysteries that Shape Life.
Time will be devoted for debate to generate new ideas and new concepts.