September 3rd 1998, Thomas Kreis (University of Geneva, Switzerland) died in a plane crash while coming back from visiting is wife and son in New York.

Thomas Kreis was an outstanding cell biologist, pioneering the dynamic analysis of cells and discovering key aspects of microtubule dynamics and organization and mechanisms of intracellular transport.
To mark the 20th anniversary of his loss, we are organizing a symposium bringing together his friends, colleagues, former post-docs and students to talk about these past 20 years of cell biology and to think about the future.

This symposium is organized by
Franck Perez (Institut Curie, Paris, France)
Frances Brodsky (UCL, London, UK)

Registration is free but mandatory: register here


Frances Brodsky
Benny Geiger
Holly Goodson
Jean Gruenberg
Gareth Griffiths
Daniel Louvard
Martin Lowe
Mark Marsh
Ira Mellman
Franck Perez
Philippe Pierre
Sandy Schmid
Trina Schroer
Kai Simons
David Stephens
Peter van der Sluijs