Jean Albrengues
Team: Tumor-Stroma Crosstalk in Invasive Cancer



The SBCF is very pleased to award its annual SBCF Young Researcher Prize of €5,000 to Jean Albrengues, Inserm researcher at the Institute for Research on Cancer and Ageing in Nice.

Jean Albrengues studied tumor cell migration and the role of tumor-associated fibroblasts. He then chose to study an overlooked aspect of the tumor microenvironment, the role of inflammation and in particular of neutrophils. He unveiled the role of NETs, filaments released extracellularly by these cells, in the recurrence of lung metastases. He is now dissecting the signaling pathways involved and has a great project that opens this theme to other types of cancers.

The award will be presented to him during the SBCF General Assembly which will take place from 2pm on June 13, 2023 at Institut Cochin.

He will present his work “Neutrophil Extracellular Traps formed during chemotherapy confer treatment resistance”.