The ITMO of Cellular Biology, Development and Evolution (BCDE) and the societies of Cell and Developmental Biology (SBCF and SFBD) are pleased to announce their meeting:

Developmental and Cell Biology of the Future

This meeting will cover the most recent advances in key aspects of developmental and cell biology. The main aim of the meeting is to gather accomplished researchers and the next scientists’ generation to discuss and define tomorrow’s key aspects of developmental and cell biology. The desire of the organizers is to carry out an open discussion to stimulate innovation and improve transversality and ethic. On this spirit, the meeting will dedicate a major session to discuss about “The Future of Cell and Developmental Biology”, including several board members of the SBCF and SFBD.

Organization committee

The scientific organization of the meeting is ensured by a team of young scientists, all PhD students, post doctoral fellows and staff scientists early in their career: Irene AKSOY and Jessica BOUVIERE (Lyon), Amandine BERY and Ralitza STANEVA (Paris), Claudio CORTES, Stefan HARMANSA and Ali HASHMI (Marseille), Mandela PRUNSTER and Géraldine WILLIAUME (Villefranche-sur-Mer), Patricia ROJAS (Montpellier) and Alice ROUAN (Nice)

The meeting will include the following topics
  • Environmental Impact on Development and Evolution
  • Single Cell Omics: a revolution for development and evolution
  • Epigenomics and Genome Expression
  • Stem cells biology and organoids
  • Live-imaging and Image Processing
  • Mechanobiology
Keynote speakers

Carien NIESSEN (Germany), Jérôme GROS (France)

Invited speakers

Vincent DEBAT (France), Heather MARLOW (France), Orly REINER (Israël), Henrik JÖNSSON (England), François SPITZ (France), Sara WICKSTRÖM (Finland).

Abstracts selection criteria

Abstracts will be selected for short oral presentation or poster by the organizers and taking in consideration the adequacy to the scientific topics of the meeting.

Location and date

The meeting will take place in Paris (Auditorium Biopark – 11, rue Watt – 75013 Paris), March 27-29, 2019.

Free registration HERE