Membrane Trafficking, Ubiquitin and Signalling lab @ IJM, Paris

We study cell biology using the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae as a model. Particularly, we study how nutrients (especially, glucose) control plasma membrane protein homeostasis (eg. nutrient transporters), and the contribution of signaling pathways and ubiquitin to this process. We currently focus on the role of arrestin-related proteins and their regulation by nutrient signalling pathways.

We are also developing projects related to cancer cell metabolism using both yeast and cultured cancer cells.

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Keywords: Endocytosis, Membranes, Trafficking, Nutrient transporters, Glucose metabolism and signaling, AMPK / Snf1, Ubiquitin , Nedd4 / Rsp5, Arrestin-related proteins (ARTs, ARRDCs), Yeast, Cell imaging, Proteomics, Cancer metabolism