Institut Curie, located in the center of Paris, is an internationally renowned institution bringing together physicists, chemists, biologists, bioinformaticians and clinicians.


Jean-Léon Maître, head of the “Mechanics of mammalian development” team (science.institut-curie.org/team-maitre/), is seeking a motivated postdoc with a strong interest in interdisciplinary research.

The candidate will study the morphogenetic events occurring before implantation of the embryo, which requires an approach at the interface between biology and physics (Maître et al, Nat. Cell Biol., 2015; Maître et al, Nature, 2016; Maître, Biol. Cell, 2017). The candidate’s work will include developmental biology techniques with recovery, culture and manipulation of mouse embryos; biophysical techniques such as high-resolution microscopy and micropipette manipulation of embryos; data and image analysis.


Prior experience with mouse, advanced microscopy, molecular biology and/or image analysis will be extremely valuable, but on-the-job training will be additionally provided. The ideal candidate should feel comfortable working in an interdisciplinary and international environment.


The position is funded by the ERC for 24 months initially.

Interested candidates should contact jean-leon.maitre@curie.fr

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