PostDoc position in the Schnorrer lab

You   are curious-driven, fascinated by dynamic processes;

You are experienced in live imaging (FRAP, FLIM, laser-cutting);

You enjoy independent scientific planning;

We    are located at the Institute of Developmental Biology of Marseille (IBDM), an interdisciplinary research center with a strong focus on quantitative in vivo biology and biophysics;

We study the morphogenesis of muscle in the contractile apparatus, sarcomeres and myofibrils;

We combine systematic fly genetics with in vivo imaging;


Goal: This project aims to understand the dynamics of sarcomere assembly during muscle development;

We know that early sarcomeres are irregular structures that mature within 2 days to pseudo-crystalline molecular machines;

We have generated a collection of endogenously tagged sarcomeric proteins, whose differential recruitment and turn-over should inform us about the assembly dynamics of these machines;

Please send your application, including a motivation letter, your CV, a description of research interests, and contact information for two references to:

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