The group of Pierre Roux at CRBM is offering a 3-year postdoctoral fellowship position funded by INCa, starting early 2018.


Our project is focused on the p53 tumor suppressor gene, the most frequently mutated gene in all cancer types. The p53 gene produces a complex profile of alternatively spliced transcripts and can generate at least twelve protein isoforms. The team recently showed that the Δ133p53ß isoform constitutes a biomarker of shorter disease-free survival for patients suffering from breast or rectal cancer. This isoform controls cancer stem cell potential, cell invasion, EMT and metastasis. These properties are independent of p53 mutation status. For more information on the Team, visit our web page. The candidate will be involved in two main objectives: unravel the signaling that produces Δ133p53ß and identify the mechanisms by which this isoform exerts is pro-invasive activity.

Candidate requirements:

  • We welcome applications from scientists in cell biology and cancer biology.
  • The candidate has a PhD in cancer biology (with or without post-doc experience). He/she must have expertise in high-throughput RNA sequencing data and experience in standard molecular and cell biology technique. The candidate should also have an excellent track record of publications.
  • We are searching for a postdoc fellow who can work independently and develop his/her own ideas and visions in line with the project. Candidates should be highly motivated, creative, and have strong communication skills. The ability to communicate in English at a high level, interact effectively and work productively in a team will be considered important.

How to Apply:

Please send application package to, including:

  • a cover letter briefly stating your previous research experience, why your skills would suit the job and your reasons for applying
  • a CV including your publication list
  • two or more reference letters or contact details.