The CAM lab research aims at understanding how mechanics, adhesion-associated mechanotransduction and mechanosensing regulate the adaptation of cells to changes in physical environment at various scales, from single molecules to tissues. The overall goal of the team is to understand how coordinated regulation of cell adhesion and cytoskeletal dynamics contributes to cell and tissue mechanics and adapted cell response to forces, particularly in the context of the dynamics of epithelial sheets. To do so the team combines a multidisciplinary range of skills comprising microfabrication, experimental cell biology, functional live cell imaging and biophysics with theoretical modelling.

Within the framework of the POLCAM ANR project, the postdoc will explore the emergence of front-rear cell polarization and coordinated polarization during collective cell migration. He(she) will investigate the contribution of intercellular mechanotransduction to cell and tissue polarization.

The proposed funding is for 24 month. The salary will be adapted to the experience of the candidate. Starting date will be February/March 2018. We seek for a motivated and talented cell biologist. Experiences in cell culture and cell imaging are mandatory.

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