A postdoctoral position is available in the group of Brigitte Lelongt at INSERM 1155 (http://krctnn.com/) based in Tenon Hospital in Paris. The INSERM Unit is dedicated to the study of common and rare kidney disease and  our team is interested in cystic kidney disease with a special interest on the mechanism of cyst formation and ciliogenesis.

There are a large numbers of cystic kidney diseases including polycystic kidney disease (PKD), nephronophthisis (NPHP) and renal cystic dysplasia that differ in mode of inheritance, age of onset and clinical manifestations. A common feature of these diseases lies in the cellular location of almost all PKD-related proteins and different nephrocystins (NPHP) in the primary cilia, a sensory organelle which controls key signaling pathways during tissue development/homeostasis. They belong to a class of diseases called ciliopathies, a group of multi-systemic disorders linked to dysfunctions of the primary cilium. Recently, mutations have been identified in three new genes encoding SAM domain containing proteins, ANKS6-BICC1-ANKS3, in NPH and RCD patients. Mutations of two of these genes were also identified in PKD patients (ANKS6) as well as in two rodent PKD models (Bicc1 and Ank6). These genetic data suggest that the products of these genes control mechanisms shared by all types of cystic kidney diseases. These three proteins interact with each other and polymerize through their SAM domains. Despite the fact that they all bind to other NPHPs, the ciliary functions of BICC1 and ANKS3 remain poorly characterized.

The aim of this project is to characterize the role of the ANKS3-BICC1-ANKS6 complex in the pathophysiological mechanisms of renal cystic diseases, mainly based on analysis of the effects of patient and rodent model mutations on various cellular processes and molecular pathways.

Applicants should hold a PhD degree in a relevant subject area and it should be their first postdotoral position. Experience in cell culture and transfection, and skills in basic molecular biology, protein biochemistry and protein/protein interactions are required, along with interest in cell biology.

Please send a full CV, brief statement of previous research accomplishments (max 1 page) and 2 reference letters : brigitte.lelongt@upmc.fr

Employment start date: 1st January 2018. Contract length, 2 years: 2 620,85€ /month