Following the success of the “Cell Cycle and Cancer” conference in Toulouse, 2008, the “Cell Cycle, Cancer and Development” international conference will take place in Saint Malo’s Palais du Grand Large, from May 25th to May 28th, 2011.

The objective of this conference is to highlight the latest advances in research into the mechanisms that control the cell cycle, the biology of development, their alterations in cancer and their potential utility as targets for anticancer therapies.

We invite you to participate to this conference and we hope to welcome you to Saint Malo, the corsair town, in May 2011.

Preliminary program; Poster

Keynote speakers

•    Sir Tim HUNT (Nobel Prize 2001), London (UK)
•    Dave ALLIS, New York (USA)
•    Michael B KASTAN, Memphis (USA)
•    Conly RIEDER, Albany (USA)
•    Steve WEST, London (UK)

Confirmed speakers

•    Geneviève ALMOUZNI, Paris (France)
•    Pier-Paolo Di FIORE, Milan (Italy)
•    Bill EARNSHAW, Edinburgh (UK)
•    Jean-Marc EGLY, Strasbourg (France)
•    Jürgen KNOBLICH, Vienna (Austria)
•    Thomas LECUIT, Marseille (FRance)
•    Haifin LIN, New Haven (USA)
•    Erich NIGG, Basel (Switzerland)
•    James MALLER, Denver (USA)
•    Laurent MEIJER, Roscoff (France)
•    Claire ROUGEULLE, Paris (France)