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SBCF symposium at MiFoBio school - Presqu'ile de Giens - 14-17 November 2023

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The French Society for Cell Biology organizes a satellite symposium of the Mifobio microscopy school organized by the GDR Imabio.

Fueled by a vibrant SBCF and MiFoBio community that uses advanced microscopy techniques to elucidate key mechanisms of cell biology, for the first-time registrants to the SBCF mini-symposium will also have access to the three last days of Mifobio from November 14th to 17th 2023 that will take place at Giens (South of France).

During this meeting you will be able to attend to all the workshops, seminars, but especially to two exciting modules organized by the GDR Imabio named “Multiscale” and “Multimodal” in addition to the SBCF mini-symposium.

Short talks will be selected from the abstracts, don’t hesitate to contribute!

Registration & abstract submission:

Here is the list of invited speakers:
SBCF mini-symposium :
Peter Friedl (NL)
Verena Ruprecht (ES)
Florian Schur (AT)
Caren Norden (PT)

MiFoBio module V : Multiscale. Imaging self-organising systems, from the cell to the organ
Yohanns Bellaiche (FR)
Mathieu Hautefeuille (FR)
Anne Rios (NL)
Sham Tlili (FR)
Hugo De Olivera (FR)
Marie-Claire Schanne-Klein (FR)

MiFoBio module VI : Multimodal. Imaging and physical measurements, mechanobiology
Benoit Landrein (FR)
Rut Carballido Lopez (FR)
Olivia Du Roure (FR)
Aurélien Roux (CH)
Guillaume Salbreux (CH)
Julie Batut (FR)

SBCF mini symposium organisers: Renaud Poincloux, Nathalie Sauvonnet and Marc Tramier
Mifobio Multiscale module V organisers: Lydia Danglot and Gaelle Recher
Multimodal module VI organisers: Cécile Leduc and Marie-Emilie Terret

We hope to see you there!

Renaud Poincloux, Nathalie Sauvonnet and Marc Tramier


Société de Biologie Cellulaire de France

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