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SBCF symposium at MiFoBio school - Presqu'ile de Giens - 14-17 November 2023

Dear all,

As you know the French Society for Cell Biology organizes a satellite symposium of the Mifobio microscopy school organized by the GDR Imabio in Giens peninsula, 14-17 November 2023.

Since the number of participants was limited, several could not register to the symposium but we have decided to create a Teams link to enable those who could not come to attend online to the SBCF symposium of Friday 17th of November.

Here is the link to connect Cliquez ici pour rejoindre la réunion

ID de la réunion : 353 582 513 862 

Code secret : PXCzdP

You will find below the program of this day:

9h00-9h30: Verena Ruprecht (ES) “Morphodynamic plasticity in the early vertebrate embryo »

9h30-9h45: Matteo Rauzi (FR) “A mechanical wave travels along a genetic guide to drive the formation of an epithelial furrow”

9h45-10h: Jacques Pécréaux (FR) Kinetochore microtubules flux poleward along fixed centrosome-anchored microtubules during metaphase of C. elegans zygote”
10h-10h15: Gregory Giannone (FR) “Actin-Driven Nanotopography Promotes Stable Integrin Adhesion Formation in Developing Tissue”

10h15-10h30: Jessica Perez-Sancho (FR) “Membrane contact sites regulate intercellular trafficking in plants”
10h30-11h00: Coffee break
11h00-11h30: Peter Friedl
(NL) “Cancer metastasis and energy crisis – connections and

11h30-11h45: Gaetan Jardiné (FR) “Coupling physical cues to growth and fate in model

living tissues”
11h45-12h: Javier Rey-Barroso (FR) “Compression Force Microscopy: a simple method to investigate the mechanics of phagocytosis”
12h-12h15: Remigiusz Walocha (FR) “Impact of mechanical forces and microenvironment on colonic homeostasis and SARS-CoV-2 invasion”
12h15-12h30: Seema Grewal (UK) Company of Biologist- sponsor’s talk
12h30-14h: Lunch
14h00-14h30: Florian Schur
(AT) “Cellular structural biology of the actin cytoskeleton and its role in cell migration”
14h30-14h45: Julien Pernier (FR) “Role of actin-dependent Myosin-I motors in membrane deformations and organelle dynamics”
14h45-15h: Marcelina Cardoso dos Santos (FR) “Biosensors for protein assembly and mechanosensing”
15h-15h15: Emmanuelle Helfer (FR) “Enhanced cell viscosity: A new phenotype associated with lamin A/C alterations”
15h15-15h30: Maelle Bellec (DE) “Boosting the toolbox for live imaging of translation”

15h30-16h: Caren Norden (PT) The implications of nuclear properties and nuclear packing in neuroepithelial development”

We are delighted to see you online!

Renaud, Marc and Nathalie


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