Postdoc offer (two years contract)   The laboratory is looking for a biochemist/biophysicist to investigate fusion of extracellular vesicles with target membranes. The main project consists of developing an in vitro assay aiming at imaging the fusion event in real time. The candidate is expected to have expertise in fluorescence microscopy, biological and artificial membranes manipulation, and should be familiar with cloning, protein purification and cell culture. The laboratory is located at Université de Paris (Campus Saint-Germain-des-Prés), France, and is focusing on the extracellular vesicle delivery process using multidisciplinary approaches (   Motivated individuals interested in this work and wishing to do a postdoctoral fellowship or a thesis are encouraged to contact Drs. Mangenot  and Lavieu (, Please include your c.v. and a brief research summary, and have three letters of recommendation emailed to Drs. Mangenot  and Lavieu.

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